Myths, Legends & Beauty Benefits of the Baobab

The baobab, dubbed one of ‘Africa’s best kept secrets’, is one of the continent’s most adored trees and is easy to spot as it lives up to its ‘upside down tree’ nickname. What you see is not what you get with this amazing tree species – its characteristics make it a powerful natural ingredient with many benefits, hence its inclusion in many of our products. Despite the many benefits, there are several myths surrounding the baobab, too, that emphasise its presence on the continent and how loved it is by its people.

Myths and legends about the Baobab – right side up?

There are a multitude of myths surrounding this magnificent tree, some hilarious and others touching. These are our three favourite myths and legends:

  • There is a myth that a god named Thora was opposed to the baobab tree growing in his garden, so he pulled it out and threw it over the wall of Paradise. It came toppling down to Earth,landing upside down and continued to grow this way.
  • When God was trying to plant the baobab, it kept walking away, so God planted it upside down so it couldn’t go anywhere.
  • The baobab was planted next to a dam and upon seeing its reflection in the water, complained that it was ugly because of its rough, fat trunk . God got tired of its moaning, and it was planted upside down so it could no longer see its reflection!

What isn’t a myth is the benefits of baobab in your haircare…

Although we can’t promise to live up to the myth that eating the baobab fruit pips will make you mighty and protected from crocodiles, we can let you know that there are enormous benefits for your hair, specifically from baobab powder. Baobab powder in haircare products means:

  • Your hair will be naturally conditioned
  • Your hair will absorb heaps of vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants derived from the baobab fruit
  • Your hair will have assistance in healing and protection as the fruit powder penetrates each strand of hair

… and body care

Baobab fruit powder is widely considered a superfood for your skin, which will be fed many nutrients needed to keep it healthy. It is also packed with vitamin C and antioxidants that are key in anti-ageing skincare routines. Finally, baobab powder is superb at helping your skin retain moisture.

The Africa Organics Baobab Range

Because we are acutely aware of all the above, we have dedicated an entire hair and body care product range to the baobab. We have sustainably sourced the baobab powder harvested from fruits in sub-Saharan Africa by local harvesters who know the baobab better than we do. Our shampoo and conditioner are perfect for dry, stressed and treated hair and our body wash contains bentonite clay and baobab powder to gently exfoliate and moisturise your skin. We have loved hearing, over the years, how much people love this range!

For more information on our products, head over to our website – you can also find a stockist here.