Haircare Detox

What a Detox Means in the World of Haircare

Hair Detox

Yes, it’s a real thing. Just like we all benefit from a diet detox, our scalp and hair need to detox from certain ingredients, and hopefully, those ingredients are never re-introduced.

What is a Hair Detox?
When transitioning from a commercial shampoo into completely natural products like Africa Organics, it’s normal to experience what we call a detox period. Let’s use your body as an example of this: you eat the way you want to – a combination of healthy and not-so-healthy foods. Then you decide to cut out unhealthy foods and eat clean. Your body has to sweat out those toxins and will do so within the first few days or weeks of adopting a clean and healthy diet. The detox period lasts until the sugar withdrawals have subsided, cravings have stopped, body rhythms have shifted, and your mood and sleep have all realigned into a new and better you.

With a less than ideal “diet” for the scalp, it can hold onto a build-up of harmful ingredients. This can also lead to scalp issues and/or overly oily roots with dry ends.

When you introduce a completely 100% natural product to cleanse and hydrate, these toxins are expelled for good. It can take time to transition, sometimes even up to 2 months. From there, your hair and scalp will find a new balance that results in healthier, stronger hair.

Symptoms of a Detox?
When you wash your hair, your scalp is trained to produce and release necessary oils based on your washing frequency. If this frequency is regular your scalp learns that it only has a very small window in which to release those oils, which means that your hair will get oily quickly. Your scalp is trying to get ahead of you with its action plan of releasing the oils.

A scalp detox is usually centred around an overproduction of oils. During the first week or two of switching to organic shampoos, your hair tends to become either too dry or too greasy, with no middle ground. This is due to several ingredients used in regular shampoos that unfortunately block these oils from surfacing to the root of your hair. When switching to natural products these ingredients are eliminated, allowing for your natural oils to come through.

How Long Does It Take?
Just like our bodies, everyone adjusts differently to a cleanse. Some will not have this “transition” period at all, and others may need a couple of weeks, maybe longer. Your scalp will be the judge of that. One thing is for sure, though; flushing out trapped toxins is the first step towards healthier, more resilient hair.