Dessert or Desert?

3 reasons to rehydrate your skin this winter with Africa Organics’ delicious Kalahari Melon

The fresh chill of winter can be invigorating for body and mind, but the dryness that characterises the climate at this time of year can take its toll on the skin. Winter dryness can result in roughness, flaking, itching and cracking of the skin. Fortunately, Africa Organics has harnessed the moisture-trapping power of the Kalahari’s plant life through the inclusion of the Kalahari Melon in its body care range.

What causes winter skin dryness?

Moisture is essential for the skin barrier to protect against toxins entering the body. There are many ways in which the winter months can contribute to moisture loss in the skin. These include:

· A decrease in humidity which means less moisture in the atmosphere;

· Indoor heating which reduces the humidity in your living space;

· Harsh winds that increase evaporation off the skin’s surface;

· Hot baths and showers which can strip the skin of its natural oils;

· Harsh soaps and cosmetics which can damage the skin; and

· Individual factors such as age and skin type can contribute to dryness.

What is the solution?

In addition to lowering your bath temperature and avoiding harsh chemicals, adopting an organic skincare solution that prioritises skin moisture is important. Africa Organics’ Kalahari Melon range provides the ideal winter dryness solution. Here’s why:

1. It uses wild-harvested ingredients

Africa Organics incorporates wild-harvested African plants in their 100 percent natural products. This means that the range is free from agricultural chemicals, which can impact the skin’s microbiome. The plants are sustainably sourced, so there’s no impact on the natural environment.

2. It has moisture-enhancing ingredients

The Kalahari Melon Body Wash incorporates a unique set of organic ingredients to maximise skin moisture in winter. These include:

· Mild, biodegradable foaming agents, extracted from African Rooibos and Honeybush plants. These are a kinder alternative to harsh foaming agents, which strip the oils from skin, resulting in dryness.

· Only two fragrance oils; orange and frankincense, to provide a deliciously subtle aroma.

Once cleansed, you can add some extra hydration and nourishment with the Kalahari Melon Body Lotion – a light, non-greasy daily lotion that naturally provides long-lasting hydration. Here’s how:

· Using the prebiotic, inulin, this lotion feeds the skin’s microflora, promoting your skin’s natural function and preventing dryness.

· Kigelia is a brightening ingredient in the lotion which corrects skin dullness.

· Oils are cold-pressed from organically grown seeds or nuts to feed your skin while ensuring it isn’t polluted by synthetic chemicals.

3. It contains a unique ingredient

One of its primary ingredients is the Kalahari Melon, an important source of water for the nomadic San people of the Kalahari Desert. The reason this particular fruit is so beneficial to the skin is that it’s high in phytosterol and Omega 6, which provide it with moisturising and anti-aging properties. This aromatic desert fruit also brings the delicious smell of dessert to everyday skincare without any harsh effects.

What else sets the range apart?

Africa Organics cares for your skin as much as it does the environment from which it extracts these superior moisture-enhancing ingredients. The entire Africa Organics range promises:

· 100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.

· It is natural and organic cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to Ecocert standards.

· It is certified vegan and cruelty free - accredited by the Vegan Society and Beauty Without Cruelty.

· All products are suitable for sensitive skin.

· The formulations are self-preserved.

· The range is focused on holistic, lasting efficacy and not short-term results.


Beat the winter dryness with the Africa Organics moisture-rich Kalahari Melon range.

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