Not a Resolution, a Lifestyle
Happy New Beginnings to to our dear Africa Organics family both far and wide, we’re hoping the year 2024 sees you walking resolutely in all you’ve committed to

This year, we at Africa Organics, are going to do things differently. Starting with good habits. In 2024 we are committed to the environment. We’ll be set to collect another 2500kg of plastic for the year!
This is why we want to say thank you, every purchase you have made matters, your choice to use a natural, organic, cruelty-free product is more than a resolution but a chosen lifestyle.

The Reality
It’s back to work for a whole lot of us, meaning back to our usual routines which expose both our hair and skin to our working environment and natural elements, that’s why we formulated our Mongongo range by using oil pressed from the Mongongo seeds - this oil contains eleostearic acid that polymerises rapidly under UV light to form a protective film over each hair which is why we say Mongongo is Magic, it’s because our ingredients are sourced from organic farming a tip we can recommend as you prepare to go to reality and routine is to use the Shampoo and Conditioner range as a hair Hair Mask for Holiday Hair Repair solution to stressed or colour treated hair. What makes the Mongongo range a go-to product for repairing and rejuvenating stressed hair is that we’ve made it available in a variety of packaging sizes to suit your family and lifestyle.

Sustainable Summer Discount
The truth is that we’re all still feeling festive, meaning dinners with friends, outside exercise and air in the office! We’re keeping this summer Sustainable and adding a little sparkle with our 20% discount until the 15th January 2024 when you use the code: FESTIVE20.

Our Wish for 2024
We’re wishing you the best fresh start to a year that is waiting to be explored and enjoyed by you, we’re just happy to be going on this journey with you for yet another year. Keeping your skin protected and your hair radiant and nourished remains the best investment we’ve ever made, thank you for trusting Africa Organics, to a naturally amazing year ahead!
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