Be The Change

This month calls for us to pause as we acknowledge and celebrate Water conservation. 

The conversation around climate change and more specifically, water conservation is one of the most important movements we can be part of and you don’t have to leave your home to make a positive and powerful impact. 

How do we play our part?  By building positive habits and making water conservation a culture. Take a short 5-minute shower when using your favourite Africa Organics body wash, make an effort to fix faulty faucets in your home and if you're able to, replace your faucets with low-flowing ones.

There are endless ways to be intentional about how we can make an impact.


Celebrating Women’s Day

We will be joining the world in celebrating International Women’s Day this March. You can add a smile to the ladies in your life by gifting them any AO product that is available online.

We strive to live in a world where women feel safe, loved and honoured for their incredible contributions. 


A Testimony

We got an incredible testimony from a client who has been using Africa Organics products and it brightened up our day, she decided to make a change and use natural, 100%organic and cruelty-free products and she has been loving the journey so far, see what she had to say:

“I've been using Africa Organics products for several years and find them to be excellent. I put the Body Wash into our self-catering units and and constantly asked about it by my guests. The new Sensitive Body Wash is great as a shampoo for my itchy scalp.” - Estelle Bull

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